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In the past, the idea of job search via social networks have seem somewhat unrealistic and useless. Today, people are more likely to find interesting jobs and prospective employers are on social networks.

One of the most popular networks for professionals is LinkedIn. Here you can create a profile indicating the profession, skills and merit, as well as contact with colleagues and employers around the world.

So how to find a job using LinkedIn? We’ll tell you how to search for truly effective.

Statistics and usage of LinkedIn

LinkedIn platform in existence since 2003, and today it has more than 546 million registered users in more than 200 countries, and more than 3 million companies.

Not bad, right?

According to statistics, especially popular LinkedIn network in USA, Western Europe, China and India.

On LinkedIn are registered employees of different companies and freelancers, professionals in various fields and the organizations themselves. In addition, the service provides the opportunity to build a network of contacts, not only from colleagues working together, but also with the potential partners and employers, as well as colleagues in other countries.

Many foreign employers who want to learn more about some person, as a professional or potential employee, go to his page on LinkedIn. It is not surprising, because the user profile in the social network is looking like a resume. By the way, not everyone is aware of the possibility to upload a resume from the profile. Agree, this can greatly simplify life and save time. If you are interested in this topic, you can read the instruction how to download my resume from LinkedIn.

Such availability of information on professionals and employers around the world made a LinkedIn one of the best services for job search, and it is very important to learn how to use it.

First steps on LinkedIn

As in any other social network, usage LinkedIn begins with registration and creation your own profile. The only difference is that your page must be purely professional nature.

Here are a few tips to help you make your profile on LinkedIn an effective resume

  • In the “Name” field, enter your real full name or the name by which you have known in the professional environment, but not a nickname coined specifically for the network.
  • Maximum fill in your profile and all of its sections, making the page informative.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to tell about their achievements, education and volunteer activities, all of which can characterize you to employers.
  • Use relevant keywords that will help potential partners and employers to find you.
  • Write simply and clearly, remember that your main goal – to present yourself as a professional in their field, which a person interested in other people.
  • It is advisable to create your profile in two languages, such as English and Russian.
  • Select your page for professional low-key image, which can be clearly seen your face.

What to do after filling profile? To get started, add your contacts from other social networks. Then you can proceed directly to the job search on LinkedIn.

Passive and active job search on LinkedIn

We already told you about how to fill out your profile on LinkedIn. Smart self-presentation on your profile will help you to do the passive job search.

Passive search

What is a passive search? In fact, most people the expectation that potential employers or customers will find them by their own. On LinkedIn, it’s real!

However, it is important to have relevant keywords on your page, in which stakeholders will be able to find you among the millions of users.

It is worth noting that, according to the network users, usually in such a way are employed specialists in IT and various artists. The more banal and common specialty you have, the harder you will be to find a job in the social network.

To increase your chances to be a good worker in the employers` mind you should also get a feedback or recommendations from other users. Have the LinkedIn already users who know you from a professional point of view? Ask them to write a short feedback about your work. Or if you do not want to spend time filling out the profile, you can use the professional help like

Active search

If you do not believe in a passive job search, you can always take matters into your own hands and look for a potential employer by yourself.

How to do it?

LinkedIn provides several features to get closer to your dream job.

Firstly, you should add to friends the companies you are interested in and their individual representatives and recruiters. This action can pay attention to you desired employer.

In addition, you should use the option «endorse skills», which allows you to confirm the skill of another party. Thus, you will also be able to attract the attention of your person or firm.

Second, you can pay attention to the employers’ profiles that have requests for finding employees. Find these employers can, by typing in the search for «looking for …» or «look for …» the name of their profession or skill.

If a potential employer himself wrote about the current search for employees then do not hesitate to contact him and discuss the job opening!