Core Curriculum

As part of our certificate programs, Ladera Career Paths Training Centers (LCPTC) students are required to complete 282 hours of Core Curriculum modules (classes). These modules lay the foundation for advanced modules that are required of each specialization. As part of the core curriculum offerings, students may have the opportunity to attend professional seminars and job fairs as part of classroom field trips. A brief description of the Core Curriculum is listed below:

Module I Computer Basics (75 Hours)
An introduction to computers and the Internet, computer hardware and software, and the social and ethical issues of computing

Module II Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology- Basic (32 Hours)
Medical terminology basics, including word roots, prefixes, suffixes, and medical terminology of all body systems

Module III Medical Terminology , Anatomy & Physiology- Advanced (95 Hours)
Medical terminology and the structure and function for all body systems

Module IV Pathophysiology and Pharmacology (80 Hours)
Basic signs and symptoms of medical conditions of body systems; introduction to pharmacology to develop a general knowledge about classifications of medications/drugs used to treat diseases in ambulatory and inpatient care settings.