Career Olympus reluctantly submits to the fair sex. Although gender-based discrimination is prohibited in our country, most women know that to make a career, you need to work three times as many male colleagues. Studies confirm: in almost all areas, the salary expectations of men are significantly higher than women.

How to counter gender stereotypes? We have compiled a list of unspoken rules of conduct for women oriented to career and professional growth.

The main thing is the result

The first rule is the most banal, but the most effective. To counter male chauvinism in a team, you need to work more men and achieve better results. Be that as it may, the company’s management is primarily concerned with specific indicators – the timing of projects, the number of transactions, profit, etc. So give yourself 100% – this is the main condition for professional and career growth.

You won’t praise yourself – you won’t make a career

However, high results in the work are not enough to make a career. It is also necessary to be able to tell about your successes. Therefore, the second rule of career growth for ladies according to is the correct self-PR. Did the client send you an informal letter of thanks? Feel free to redirect it to your boss. Completed the project ahead of schedule and with excellent performance? Let your bosses and colleagues from other departments know that you are a goal-oriented and successful employee.

According to the schedule …

Rule Three – Follow the company’s work schedule. Daily delays of 15 minutes due to the fact that you take your son to kindergarten will only strengthen the prevailing opinion of working women as “semi-workers”. Constant leaving work for children’s mornings also does not contribute to an impeccable business reputation.

Of course, we are not talking about the fact that you should forget about the child – just try to take time off not too often and be sure to agree in advance on who will be able to replace you if necessary.

My fair nanny … or grandmother

And in order to be able to stay on schedule, try to find yourself an assistant who could insure you and your child — for example, a grandmother or a nanny. Part of the upbringing responsibilities may well be assumed by the husband. So, the fourth rule of a female career according to is: do not hesitate to ask for help in household chores.

At work – about work

Rule fifth – do not complain to colleagues about your personal problems. Or at least do not do it too often. Even if the teacher in kindergarten treats your child badly, and the mother-in-law tortured you with upbringing tips, leave these private conversations to meet with your friend. With colleagues it is better to look for other, more neutral topics for informal communication.

Man with ties

The sixth rule – do networking, that is, establishing useful relationships. Make friends not only in the office, but also outside it – at professional conferences, exhibitions, and on trips. A specialist with valuable connections costs much more than his overly modest colleague.

Office friendship

At the same time, do not forget about good relations in the team. Never dine alone: ​​the office lunch is perfect for friendly business communication. Avoid conflicts and gossip. Try to see only the best qualities in your colleagues, make friends or even friendships with them. But remember that in return you should also be ready to help.

Personal remains personal

American researchers do not advise a woman to put more than two photos on her desktop – otherwise, others will decide that her thoughts are not in the office. With regard to the stronger sex, a completely different pattern applies: the more family photos on the table, the more responsible and positive the man looks in the eyes of his colleagues. How to relate to these recommendations is up to you.

Once again about the dress code …

Rule nine is also pretty commonplace, but its enforcement is very important. Stick to the office dress code and don’t wear sexually suggestive outfits. A business suit or dress of moderate length and calm tones is an excellent solution for the office.

Every Friday…

And the last one. No matter how tired you are and no matter how long you seek family in the evening, take an hour to stay at the corporate party, but do not overdo it with alcohol. It is no secret that even complex work issues are sometimes easily resolved with a glass of wine in an informal setting.

Finally, the most important thing

This rule is obvious to the vast majority of professionals who are aimed at career growth, but just in case, we still recall it. To career progressed by leaps and bounds, you just need to love your job. Sincerely, gently and tremulously. Almost the same as their children, and sometimes, perhaps even a little more – may the zealous advocates of protection of motherhood and childhood forgive us! Do not miss your chance to achieve more!